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WORKSHOP | Early Career Research Workshop with Professor Michael Pusey, UNSW



Start Date

1st Aug 2016 2:00pm

End Date

1st Aug 2016 3:30pm

Early Career Research Q & A

Professor Michael Pusey, UNSW

Professor Michael Pusey, UNSW is visiting the School of Social Sciences during August. He has kindly offered to hold a workshop for ECRs. Prof Pusey is the lead mentor in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at UNSW and has mentored about 30 new members of staff over several years.

Michael Pusey, completed his doctoral studies in sociology at Harvard University. He is the author of 5 books including The Dynamics of Bureaucracy (1975) Jurgen Habermas (1986). In the early 1990s Michael Pusey's book Economic Rationalism in Canberra: A Nation-Building State Changes its Mind, Cambridge (1991) started a national debate on 'economic rationalism'. It showed how Canberra had been taken over by 'economic rationalists' and warned of the economic and social costs of free market economic 'reform'. A subsequent book The Experience of Middle Australia (2003) explains the impact of neo-liberal economic restructuring on incomes, jobs, families, communities, politics and Australian culture. His writings have generated over two hundred and fifty commentaries and interviews on radio, television and in the metropolitan press. He was listed in 2005 by the Sydney Morning Herald as one of Australia's leading public intellectuals. Michael is a Professor Emeritus of Sociology at UNSW. He is a fellow of the Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia.

Monday 1 August, 2.00pm to 3.30pm

Social Sciences Room 586