Institute for the Study of Social Change

Our Affiliated Researchers

Membership Criteria for Affiliated Researchers

The Institute for the Study of Social Change brings together over 200 Affiliated Researchers.

Affiliated researcher status is available to academic staff, RHD students and associates of the University of Tasmania whose research aligns with the Institute's areas of interest.

Affiliated researchers are eligible for Institute research support through our various finding schemes and are encouraged to participate in our program of research-related events and activities.

In return you will be identified as an ISC affiliated researcher and we expect that you will acknowledge ISC research support where appropriate and will actively engage in Institute activities. Membership is open to all UTAS researchers, RHD students and associate staff with an interest in our research programs and agenda so please encourage students and colleagues who are not members but would like to join the Institute to contact us.

Dr Craig Adams European Languages and
Professor David Adams Management   
Dr Karen
Ms Maria
Dr Megan Alessandrini Politics and International
Mr Nick ArnottHealth Sciences and Community
Professor Anthony Arundel
Dr Erika Altmann Sociology and
Dr Jennifer Ayton Sociology and
Ms Johann Baker-DowdellJournalism, Media and
Dr Jos Baltra-Ulloa Social
Ms Rebecca BanhamSociology and
Dr Susan Banks Sociology and
Dr Susan
Dr Isabelle Bartkowiak-Theron Sociology and
Dr Tom Baxter Accounting and Corporate Governance
Ms Kim Beasy Education
Ms Simone Bingham Accounting and Corporate Governance
Dr Paul Blacklow Economics and
Ms Lucy Bleach
Mr Dain Bolwell Politics and International Relations
Dr Kate Booth Geography and Environmental
Ms Rebekah BurgessSociology and
Ms Natasha ChassagneRegional
Professor James Chin Asian Languages and Studies
Mr Brendan Churchill Sociology and
Dr John Cianchi Sociology and
Dr Robert Clarke English
Dr Katrina Clifford Journalism, Media and Communications
Dr Anne Coleman Social Work
Ms Christy
Dr Peta Cook Sociology and
Professor Michael
Dr Helen Courtney-Pratt
Associate Professor Kate Crowley Politics and International
Professor Monica
Dr Christopher CvitanovicCentre for Marine
Dr Gavin Daly History and
Dr Julie DavidsonInstitute for the Study of Social
Dr Aidan Davison Geography and Environmental Studies
Dr Sarah
Ms Lisa Denny Sociology and
Associate Professor Mark Dibben Management
Mr Alexander Di GiorgioSociology and
Mr William DoddJournalism, Media and
Dr Kathleen Doherty Health Sciences and Community
Dr Theresa Doherty Politics and International
Professor Mardi Dungey Economics and
Mr James DwyerPolitics and International
Dr Lisa
Mr Greg EdesonGeography and Environmental
Dr Kathryn Edgeworth Education
Associate Professor Penny Edmonds History and
Dr Kate-Ellen ElliottHealth Sciences and Community
Ms Sherridan Emery Education
Associate Professor Robyn Eversole Institute for Regional Development
Dr Kathleen FlanaganSociology and
Dr Lisa Fletcher English
Professor Adrian Franklin Sociology and
Professor Stewart Frusher IMAS
Ms Silvana
Associate Professor Fred Gale Politics and International Relations
Dr Frederic Gilbert Philosophy and Gender
Dr Nicola Goc Journalism, Media and Communications
Dr Brendan Gogarty Law
Dr Meg
Ms Robyn Greaves English
Dr Rachel
Dr Louise Grimmer
Associate Professor Martin Grimmer Marketing
Mr Michael GuerzoniSociology and
Ms Kesherie GurungSociology and
Associate Professor Dennis Grube Politics and International
Associate Professor Daphne Habibis Sociology and
Dr Emily Hansen Sociology and
Dr Anne Hardy
Dr Kristyn HarmanHistory and
Dr Andrew Harwood Geography and Environmental Studies
Professor Marcus Haward
Dr Clayton J Hawkins Institute for Regional Development
Ms Joanna HealySociology and
Dr Diane HeckenbergSociology and
Mr Martin
Ms Anja
Ms Sarah
Emeritus Professor Jonathan HolmesFine
Mrs Glenys Holt Psychology
Dr Nicholas Hookway Sociology and
Associate Professor Ross Honeywill Economics and
Dr Loene Howes Sociology and
Dr Margaret Hughes Social Work
Dr Mary Ann
Professor Keith Jacobs Sociology and
Ms Claire Jansen Philosophy and Gender Studies
Mr Oshan JayawardenaPolitics and International
Ms Eliza JonesSociology and
Associate Professor Roberta Julian Sociology and
Dr Meg Keating
Dr Glenn Kefford Politics and International Relations
Professor Aynsley Kellow Politics and International
Ms Rachel
Ms Amina Keygan Sociology and
Dr Matt Killingsworth Politics and International Relations
Professor Sue Kilpatrick Education
Dr Alexandra KingRural
Ms Valmae Kitchener Education
Dr Margaret
Dr Claire Konkes Journalism, Media and Communications
Ms Robin KrabbeSociology and
Dr Peter Lawrence Law
Associate Professor Elizabeth Leane English / IMAS
Professor Ted Lefroy Centre for Environment
Dr Kim Lehman Marketing
Dr Peat Leith Geography and Environmental Studies
Dr Bernardo A. Leon de la Barra Engineering
Professor Libby Lester Journalism, Media and Communications
Dr Fan Liang Management
Dr Anna LythGeography and Environmental
Dr Hazell Maxwell Health
Associate Professor Michael Lockwood Geography and Environmental Studies
Associate Professor Heather Lovell Sociology and
Professor Christopher Lueg Computing and Information Systems
Associate Professor Kate Macintyre Public Health
Dr Rob
Associate Professor Annette
Ms Marion
Professor Ian Marsh Politics and International
Associate Professor Angela Martin Management
Dr Christine MateriaCentre for Rural
Dr Karin
Dr Hazel
Professor Hamish Maxwell-Stewart History and
Ms Phillipa
Professor Jan McDonald Law
Dr Lynette McGaurr Journalism, Media and Communications
Dr Cecile McKeownSociology and
Dr Kim McLeodSociology and
Professor Holger MeinkeTasmanian Institute of
Dr Naomi Milthorpe English
Mr Robert MooreJournalism, Media and
Dr Robyn Moore Sociology and
Dr Terry Moore Aboriginal
Ms Leanne MorrisonAccounting and Corporate
Mr Alphonse MulumbaSociology and
Dr Hannah Murphy-Gregory Politics and International Relations
Ms Sandra Murray
Dr Terry Narramore Politics and International Relations
Dr Meredith Nash Sociology and
Professor Dianne Nicol Law
Ms Cynthia NixonJournalism, Media and
Dr Helen Norrie Architecture and
Dr Craig Norris Journalism, Media and Communications
Dr Emily
Professor Margaret
Dr Anthony Page History and
Professor Jan Pakulski Sociology and
Professor Catherine Palmer Sociology and
Dr Matthew Palmer Psychology
Professor Bob Pease Social Work
Mr Corey Peterson Sustainability
Dr Michelle Phillipov Journalism, Media and Communications
Dr Carolyn Philpott Music
Dr Jeremy Prichard Law
Dr Michael Powell History and
Ms Fiona ProudfootSociology and
Dr Donald Reid Journalism, Media and Communications
Dr Louise Richardson-Self Philosophy and Gender Studies
Dr Julie Rimes Education
Dr Brady Robards Sociology and
Dr Jayde Roberts Asian Languages and Studies
Dr Mitchell Rolls Aboriginal Studies
Mr Christopher SampsonComputing and Information
Associate Professor Kristy
Dr Robert Scotney Philosophy and Gender
Professor Jenn
Dr Elizabeth Shannon
Professor Tony Simoes da Silva English
Associate Professor Rick
Dr Sonya Stanford Social Work
Dr Hannah Stark English
Professor Elaine Stratford Geography and Environmental Studies
Dr Megan Stronach Health
Ms Rachel Taylor
Ms Megan TighePolitics and International
Professor John TisdellEconomics and
Dr Ann Torugsa
Professor Bruce Tranter Sociology and
Dr Max Travers Sociology and
Mr John Vella
Dr Julia Verdouw Sociology and
Dr Joanna Vince Politics and International
Mr Oskaras
Dr Anthea Vreugdenhil Social Work
Professor Maggie Walter Sociology and
Mr Russell Warman Geography and Environmental
Professor Kate Warner Law
Dr Yvette Watt
Associate Professor Graeme Wells Economics and
Mr Heath WhileyPolitics and International
Professor Rob White Sociology and Criminology
Dr Stewart Williams Geography and Environmental
Mr Matthew WilliamsonSocial
Dr Ben Wills
Dr Romy WinterSociology and
Professor Kit Wise
Dr Tommy Wong
Dr Graham Wood Philosophy and Gender
Dr Maria YanottiEconomics and
Ms Amanda Yorke Education
Ms Gina Zappia Sociology and