Southern Gospel Choir

About Us

The Southern Gospel Choir is unique in Australia, and was founded in 2000 by Associate Professor Andrew Legg. Since then, the SGC under the direction of Andrew Legg and Vocal Coach Maria Lurighi have become one of the most vibrant, exciting and most loved musical ensembles in Australia and now overseas. They certainly hold a special place still in the musical and cultural life of Tasmania, performing to packed houses and critical acclaim both at home and throughout the world.

Their very contemporary sound draws on the grooves and harmonic structures of jazz, funk, soul, house and hip-hop and yet maintains the heart and soul of traditional gospel through beautiful and powerful melodies and vocal arrangements, and the irrepressible, uncontainable joy that is gospel music.

The SGC's tour of the US profoundly affected everyone – in the choir, in the band, at the Conservatorium, and across all the wonderful families of those who supported the tour from home, and in so many ways.  The SGC played Dallas, Tuskegee, Indiana and LA to enormous houses in excess of 60,000, alongside old friends (and big stars now) like Myron Butler, Khristian Dentley, Jamar Jones, and with new inspirations like Levi, the Potters House Choir, the Breath of Life choir and the mighty TD Jakes himself. And then there was Clarence Nobel and Tuskegee. The one experience to-hands-down beat everything else, is one thing you'll just have to ask us about. Words are just not enough.

The choir has been nominated for ARIAs, and continues to wow audiences everywhere. Whether on the lawns at MONA on a perfect 30 degree day in front of 5000 people; at the Melbourne Recital Hall and City Recital Hall Angel Place, Sydney with Stephen Schwartz and Silvie Paladino; at the Potters House Texas for TV audience of 20 million; or indeed for sell outs with Christine Anu, The Idea of North, and the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra; the Southern Gospel Choir is a force of nature - all power and exhilaration, love and joy, soul and spirit.

Andrew Legg on stage