Community Engagement Through STEM Education

Community Engagement through Science,Technology,
Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education

The School of Engineering & ICT at the University of Tasmania is an active player in community engagement through STEM education.

  • We aim to bring about real and permanent improvements to the ways Tasmanians experience the STEM fields.
  • We have strong long-term interests in playing a central role in increasing the number of girls and students from low SES, regional and rural communities who are well equipped to take up STEM studies and careers.
  • Linking the programs we run with the Australian Curriculum for Maths and Science is very important to us. Please see Links with Australian Curriculum in Maths and Science (PDF 2.3MB) for details on these links.

We also believe that just as reading and writing are essential for language literacy, and inquiry is essential for scientific literacy, the ability to use the engineering design process — identifying a problem, designing a solution, then testing and improving the design — lies at the heart of technological literacy. If Australia is to reach (and maintain) a leadership role in innovation worldwide, we must "broaden the pipeline" by encouraging young learners to apply critical thinking to engineering and technical fields as well as to every other industry.
The text in this paragraph has been adapted from The Museum of Science, Boston.