Community Engagement Through STEM Education

UTAS Students

We are looking for new STEM Ambassadors and STEM Student Ambassadors!

The School of Engineering at the University of Tasmania is seeking postgraduate and undergraduate students to serve as STEM Ambassadors and STEM Student Ambassadors, respectively, during the current academic year. The goals of both Ambassador programs are to provide exceptional STEM education, outreach, and community engagement, hone the communication and leadership skills of both Ambassadors and Student Ambassadors, and provide opportunities and experiences that will lead to personal and professional growth of the Ambassadors and Student Ambassadors. All Ambassadors and Student Ambassadors are actively involved in STEM education community engagement programs which are funded locally, nationally and internationally.

Any questions about the roles of STEM Ambassadors and STEM Student Ambassadors should be addressed to either Mrs Susie Haley or Dr Bernardo A. León de la Barra.