Community Engagement Through STEM Education

Hands-on STEM workshops that Revealed the Intersection between Biology and Physics Received Great Feedback

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Nicky Wakefield, a grade 6 teacher at St Mary’s College, sent us a postcard with a number of very positive comments about her students’ experience during a series of hands-on workshops that our team facilitated on the intersections between Biology and Physics.


Nicky’s comments are quoted below:

Dear Bernardo, Lauren and the team,

        We would like to express our sincere thanks for involving us in your research project. You have provided an invaluable learning opportunity for our students and they enjoyed each session immensely. Testament to this was when one girl was dropped off just to attend your lesson on a day when she was absent from school. The role modelling of the women in your faculty has been inspiring.

Kind regards, Nicky Wakefield and 6 Wattle. 

Published on: 10 Oct 2012 10:30pm