Strategy & Planning

Vice-Chancellor's Annual Review (VCAR)

The Vice-Chancellor convenes a panel every June to review the performance of faculties, institutes and divisions and to approve their respective plans submitted as part of the PPRC planning process.

The focus of the discussions is on performance to-date, strategic priorities and future plans. Clarity is provided in these meetings around initiatives, load and performance expectations.

Membership of the VCAR Committee

  • Vice-Chancellor (Chair)
  • Provost
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Global)
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students and Education)
  • Chair Academic Senate
  • Principal, University College
  • One additional PVC/Dean/Director

Schedule of VCAR meetings 2017

1 June College of Arts, Law and Education
5 June Tasmanian School of Business and Economics
7 June College of Science and Engineering
16 June Division of Global
19 June Division of the Chief Operating Officer
21 June University College
College of Health and Medicine
22 June Academic Division
27 June Office of the Vice-Chancellor
28 June Division of Research