Student Evaluation, Review and Reporting Unit (SERRU)

Unit and Course Reports

A robust quality assurance system is integral to the maintenance of the quality of the University's courses. Unit and course quality is a continuous process, incorporating regular monitoring, review, benchmarking and improvement of the University's courses. The aims of this process are to:

  1. Improve course quality by enhancing the University's use of unit and course performance data;
  2. Assist the University in its academic reprofiling and teaching performance expectations;
  3. Ensure that the University has a process in place to meet Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) requirements by 31 December 2014;
  4. Assist with accreditation requirements;
  5. Monitor and review units, majors and courses to identify areas of risk; areas of strategic importance; concerns about performance as well as identification of good practice. A cyclic review becomes due only when there is explicit justification identified in the unit and course reports (see Reviews Policy [PDF 113KB]).

For further background information see UTAS Unit and Course Report Information [PDF 393KB].

Course/Major Evaluation Reports

A significant process that all courses must undertake before January 2015 is compliance with the revised AQF requirements. The AQF Second Edition January 2013 provides a complete set of AQF policies, objectives and information about the monitoring arrangements for AQF. All courses need to demonstrate:

  • The learning outcomes for each AQF level and qualification type
  • The specifications for accreditation and development of qualifications
  • Student pathways
  • Addition or removal of qualification types (See

The Course/Major Evaluation Reports include a Statement of Curriculum Philosophy, mapping of course/major level outcomes, and student learning progression.  Feedback from other sources is encouraged, including external advisory committees and accrediting bodies.

Other data for inclusion in the Course/Major Evaluation Reports is based on a set of performance data at the course level and linked to the Learning and Teaching Dashboard (still under development). The indicators currently available are:

  • Demand & Load
  • Retention, Progression and Attrition
  • Course Experience Questionnaire (CEQ) data
Download the current Word version of the Course/Major Evaluation Report [MS Word 32KB]

Unit Evaluation Reports

Schools are responsible for ensuring the evaluation of units. The Unit Coordinator and teaching team are responsible for producing a Unit Evaluation Report. According to the draft Unit and Course Evaluation Procedure [PDF 275KB] there are three caveats:

  • Heads of School are responsible for identifying a number of units to be evaluated
  • When external moderation or national thematic assessments are introduced, units will need to be moderated externally
  • Units flagged for review through eVALUate Unit survey results*

Unit Evaluation Reports will be due 2-3 months after the end of each semester:

Study Period Due Date
Sem 3 (Summer) End of mid-Sem 1 break
Sem 1 + Sem4 (Winter) End of mid-Sem 2 break
Sem 2 + Sem 5 (Spring) Week prior to Orientation Week Sem 1

*Units are flagged for review each Semester if they receive a response rate ≥ 40% and

  1. an overall percentage of agreement of <60% or
  2. <50% agreement for question 11 on the eVALUate Survey (Overall, I was satisfied with this unit).

More information about eVALUate reporting is available on the eVALUate Reports webpage, and in the draft eVALUate Procedure [PDF 297KB]

For assistance with moderation, or questions about Unit Reporting, please contact SERRU.

Download the current Word version of the Unit Evaluation Report [MS Word 29KB]

Course and Unit Reports are distributed and collected by SERRU using the University's electronic forms (eForms) portal.  The eForms portal allows you to:

  • submit your form electronically from any computer connected to the University network
  • save partially completed eForms to complete at a later time
  • upload attachments
  • view your submission history
  • receive an email receipt as confirmation

Senior Executive Sponsorship

Senior Executive sponsorship of the unit and course/major reporting and review process rests with the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students and Education).