Student Evaluation, Review and Reporting Unit (SERRU)

Data and Statistics

SERRU is responsible for undertaking the analysis of data for a range of institutional, faculty and individual reporting purposes. The types of reporting undertaken include:

 Data & Statistics

  • Business Intelligence
  • L&T Dashboard
  • Institutional Reporting
  • Requests for Data

The institutional reporting of data is about informing the loop on the student experience at UTAS. The reporting process at UTAS informs actions for improvement.

What types of institutional reporting are we involved in?

Business Intelligence (BI) and the Management Information Reporting Unit (MIRU)

The development of a strong BI capacity in the University started with the creation of MIRU a decade ago. The MIRU data warehouse provides historical snapshot data, principally in student related data. This allows for longitudinal and comparative data not readily available via the University of Tasmania Student Records System (USRS). The provision of BI tools and data governance is currently undergoing significant development in the University. This development will continue in conjunction with the roll out of a new University student system over the next 18 months. In this area Justin Phillips (as opposed to Information Technology Services) is the business contact for student related BI/MIRU data.

Institutional Reporting and Student Data

The University submits a range of student related data files to the Commonwealth government throughout the year. These cover such areas as student enrolments, student load, course completions, applicant and offer data, scholarships and information relating to the University's course offerings. University funding (and, by extension, that of faculties and schools) is, to a large extent, determined by this information. The preparation of these files is undertaken by a number of areas, however, Justin Phillips is an appropriate contact for queries relating to this broad area.

Relevant links (only available via the internal university intranet):

Requests for data

SERRU's role in the provision of data is supplemented by the Student Centre which is able to respond to requests for information (especially current year data) which is available through the USRS. To request such information you will need to complete an Ad Hoc Query form.

Contact Information

For information on data and statistics contact Mr Justin Phillips, the Data and Statistics Officer, on

Phone: +61 3 6226 7246
Fax: +61 3 6226 2041
Postal: Private Bag 10, Hobart, 7005
Location: Room 334, Level 3, Hytten Hall, Sandy Bay Campus