Student Evaluation, Review and Reporting Unit (SERRU)

University Experience Survey (UES)

The UES data is intended to be used as an input into quality improvement processes and to be published on the MyUniversity website to assist in informed student decision making around courses and institutions. The survey includes five UES components of the student experience: Skills Development, Learner Engagement, Quality Teaching, Student Support and Learning Resources. It includes a number of demographic questions and as recommended in the 2012 University Experience National Report, six of the scales from the current Course Experience Questionnaire (CEQ – Good Teaching, Clear Goals and Standards, Generic Skills, Overall Satisfaction, Graduate Qualities Scale, and Learning Community) that will follow.

UTAS will assist in the process by engaging relevant students in the UES to ensure the required 35% response rate through a publicity and response rate strategy with an aim to provide reliable and valuable information on the student experience to the Australian Government and to universities.

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