Student Evaluation, Review and Reporting Unit (SERRU)

The Student Evaluation, Review and Reporting Unit (SERRU) is a virtual unit responsible for supporting the University on a range of institutional quality processes and projects, priorities and data needs. The SERRU team has a range of data skill sets which includes survey implementation and analysis, course and unit data evaluation, data analysis, research reporting, benchmarking, standards, policy development and project management.

SERRU Goals are to:

  • Develop a strong evaluative culture to improve the student and staff experience at UTAS
  • Establish strategic relationships with a range of stakeholders to ensure quality processes and practices are maintained and improved across the University
  • Provide staff support on a range of data needs, priorities and projects
  • Collaborate with people internally, nationally and internationally to build partnerships in the quality of teaching and learning, standards and review

Roles and responsibilities in Quality Processes

SERRU has institutional responsibility for institutional policies, processes and procedures to monitor quality and improvement in relation to the Higher Education Standards Framework.  The diagram below outlines the roles and responsibilities of academics across the University for monitoring quality and improvement in relation to the Higher Education Standards Framework.

National Level

Higher Education Standards Panel
National instruments to measure threshold standards
Data and Data Systems

Institutional Level

  • Quality and Standards Committee
  • Academic Senate
  • University Learning and Teaching Committee
  • University Research Committee

Student Evaluation, Review and Reporting Unit (SERRU)

Institutional policies and procedures to monitor threshold standards

  • University Standards Framework
  • eVALUate Procedure
  • Learning and Teaching Evaluation Policy
  • Unit and Course Evaluation Report Procedure
  • Course Review Procedure
  • Course Review Guidelines
  • Reviews Policy
  • Benchmarking Policy and Procedure
  • Student Survey Policy
  • AQF compliance

Data and Data Systems

  • Learning and Teaching Dashboard
  • eVALUate
  • External Surveys
  • Course and Unit Evaluation Database
  • External Moderation Tool
  • Benchmarking Tool

Faculty Level

Faculty Learning and Teaching Committee

Divisional Learning and Teaching Committee

Faculty roles/responsibilities to monitor higher education standards

  • Deans
  • Heads of School
  • Faculty Quality Assurance Unit and/or Associate Deans (L&T)
  • Program/Division Heads
  • Course Coordinators
  • Unit Coordinators

Data and Reports

  • Student Retention/Attrition
  • eVALUate
  • External Surveys
  • Unit Evaluation Reports
  • Course/major Evaluation Reports
  • Curriculum Review Reports
  • Accreditation Reports
  • External Moderation Reports