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"I felt I had something to offer and was keen to assist. I recalled how valuable I may have found such a program during my time at UTAS."

Richard, mentor

Who is this program for?

If you are a graduate of the University of Tasmania or the Australian Maritime College, and have had at least 2 years' experience in the workplace you are welcome to become a mentor.

How can you benefit?

  • personal satisfaction from making a difference to the career development of a university student
  • enhancing your interpersonal and leadership skills
  • gaining fresh perspectives on your discipline and changes in the university environment
  • increasing your own professional networks through contact with other mentors
  • raising your profile and your organisation's profile within UTAS

What are your responsibilities?

  • supporting and encouraging the mentees in developing skills to assist the transition from university to the workplace
  • being available for a schedule of contact over the duration of the program, including at least 4 face-to-face meetings OR Skype/email communications
  • participating in a program launch/induction and end of year evaluation
  • ensuring that the mentor-mentee relationship is progressing effectively
  • providing a brief mid-program progress report to the Coordinator

Career Mentor Program Brochure (PDF 691KB)

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Frequently asked questions

What is the time commitment?

The Program launch is in early May (check this year's Key Dates on the homepage). After the launch, your student mentee should negotiate subsequent meetings with you through til the end of semester 2 (late October). At your first meeting after the launch you should discuss how often, and where, to meet. As a minimum, it is recommended that mentor matches contact each other at least once a month, so that they can establish a rapport. If you are based in the same location as your mentee and are able to meet face to face, your meetings might be 30-60 minutes, depending on your availability.

How do I find out who my student mentee is?

When your match has been finalised, you will receive an email. from the Coordinator with your student mentee's details. Your contact details will also be provided to the student.

What should I do if my student mentee doesn't contact me?

Your allocated student will be briefed to initiate contact with you once your contact details have been exchanged by the Program Coordinator. If you are both based in Tasmania, your student will be asked to make contact with you prior to the launch event as confirmation of their commitment to the Program. If your student has not made additional contact within a month after the launch date, please email the Coordinator at

What if I don't live in Tasmania?

UTAS alumni are based all over the world! We welcome expressions of interest from alumni located elsewhere in Australia or overseas, including alumni who studied with UTAS as international students. With an increasingly globalised workforce, UTAS students can greatly benefit from learning about different cultural practices in overseas employment markets, as well as tapping into international professional networks. Mentors who are located outside Tasmania will normally connect with their student mentee by Skype and email.

Where should we meet for face to face meetings?

Appropriate locations to meet include your workplace, on campus in either Hobart, Launceston or Cradle Coast (e.g. eating areas or flexible study spaces) or local cafes.

What if my student mentee asks me to be a referee?

As with any request of this sort, you should feel comfortable agreeing to it. Consider whether you know enough about the student mentee to speak positively and knowledgeably about their professional behaviour and employability skills. It may be premature to act as a referee too early in the Program before you have got to know your mentee. However, note that student mentees should not view the Career Mentor Program merely as an expedient way of getting a referee, so if you have any concerns, please email the Coordinator at or phone 6226 1568 to discuss further.

Can I have more than one student mentee?

Certainly! You may request one or more students and work with each on a 1:1 basis. The Program also offers the opportunity for mentors to meet with small groups of students. For this format, a room can be made available on-campus (subject to timetable restrictions) if necessary, or you can meet at a local cafe or in your work environment.

What if my work circumstances change?

Your mentor skills are valued on the basis of your own professional expertise and overall employment experience, not specifically because of the organisation for which you currently work, so this is not a problem, however, sometimes the change of work circumstances may affect a mentor's capacity to continue in the CMP. If you have any concerns about this, contact the Coordinator at

What support does the Coordinator provide to mentors?

The Coordinator primarily acts as a broker, providing a personalised mentee match on the basis of the mentor's stated interests and skills. The Program is designed to facilitate a connection between UTAS students and experienced professionals, without being overly interventionist or intrusive. The Coordinator will contact mentors mid-program (late July) to ensure that the mentoring process is proceeding successfully. All confirmed participants (both mentors and mentees) are provided with a program manual. This is intended as a loose framework to assist mentors and mentees, and is not prescriptive. It contains self-reflective exercise, suggested topics for discussion and journal sections for notes on mentoring meetings.

Need more information?

Julie Preston

Career Mentor Program Coordinator

phone:  03 6226 1568