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"Through this program I have met an experienced educator who has always been happy to support, guide and assist me in any aspect. It has enabled me to develop a positive relationship with someone in my future profession whereby I feel comfortable to ask the 'silly' questions and to call when I need advice..."

Emma, Bachelor of Education student

Who is this program for?CMP Tara and Tony

Students from any discipline who have completed at least 12 months of study at UTAS or the AMC are welcome to apply.

Applications from distance students are especially welcome!

How can you benefit?

  • gain support and guidance from an experienced professional in a relevant field of interest
  • build personal and professional networks
  • increase confidence with professional presentation and the job application process
  • link academic study to employment and industry realities

What are your responsibilities?

  • initiate and maintain contact with your mentor after the induction
  • complete the Mentoring Agreement with your mentor and return it to the Program Coordinator
  • be open to mentor feedback and guidance, and communicate your expectations and concerns
  • participate in the program launch/induction and end of year evaluation

Mentees are strongly encouraged to complete the reflective/summary exercises in the program manual as these will help your preparation and involvement in the program.

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Frequently asked questions

How am I matched with a mentor?

Matching is personally facilitated by the Career Mentor Program (CMP) Coordinator, and is done on the basis of degree background and/or the mentor having relevant industry or employment experience. The Coordinator makes every attempt to ensure that matches are compatible; however, we can't guarantee a perfect alignment of interests! Remember that there is always something that you can learn from an experienced professional who has made a successful transition from university to the workforce.

Am I guaranteed a mentor?

The CMP Coordinator is continually recruiting mentors to expand the number of participants, and will make every effort to find you a mentor that you can contact either face to face or by email/Skype. However, we can't completely guarantee a match, as sometimes the demand from students exceeds the available mentors. If a mentor can't be found for you at the start of the program in May, your name will be kept on a waiting list and we will continue to search for a suitable mentor. You will notified by email of a successful match.

What is the time commitment?

The program launch is in early May (check the Key Dates on the homepage). After this date, student mentees negotiate their subsequent meetings with their mentors through til the end of semester 2, including how often, and where. As a minimum, it is recommended that mentor matches contact each other at least once a month, so that they can build rapport and get to know each other.

What if I have trouble getting in contact with my mentor?

It's important to understand that your mentor is probably a busy person, and may not be able to reply to an email or phone message immediately. However, if you have made a few attempts to contact him/her in different ways (phone, email, SMS), please contact the CMP Coordinator at

What if I'm studying part-time?

No problems – you are welcome to apply for the program!

What if I'm an international student?

International students are welcome to apply, as we recognise that there can be particular difficulties for students from other cultures in connecting with local networks, and this program aims to assist with this. As a strand of the CMP, we offer English conversation classes for international students, to assist in building confidence with networking and presentation skills. For more information, contact the CMP Coordinator at

What if I'm a postgrad student?

Yes, you are also eligible to apply for the CMP. Please ensure that you provide specific detail about why you are seeking a mentor, e.g. advice and support about pathways to a career in academia, networks within your industry, etc. Mentors are not a source of academic advice, however, so cannot provide any direct advice on thesis writing.

What if I'm studying by distance?

You are warmly encouraged to apply for the CMP as a distance student, as this program is an invaluable way of accessing career support and advice for students who can't access career services on campus. You will be identified as a distance student mentee and will connect with your mentor by Skype and email.

Can my mentor give me a job?

No, this is not the role of your mentor! In some cases, mentors, through their organisations, may be able to offer work experience. However, this is not the main purpose of the program.

Can I continue contact with my mentor after this year's program is finished?

If your mentor is happy to maintain contact with you, then go for it! Many mentor pairs from previous years have stayed in touch, which has been a valued source of support for both parties.

What if I don't feel that my interests are aligned with those of my mentor?

We match mentors on the basis of common discipline and take into account a student's career interests. If your assigned mentor does not possess the exact professional experience that you were seeking, they can still be an invaluable contact, and may be able to introduce you to colleagues that work in the area you are interested in. If you feel that you are experiencing any interpersonal difficulties, please contact the Coordinator as soon as possible to discuss.

Need more information?

Dr Julie Preston

Career Mentor Program Coordinator

phone:  03 6226 1568