Current Students

Services for Students

Personal Counselling

Personal counselling is a process of talking and listening to help creatively resolve problems. This is usually done on a one to one basis.

Services include:

  • individual counselling support
  • face to face or by phone
  • information
  • referral

Promoting Wellbeing

Counsellors work to promote the wellbeing of students and staff generally on each campus and also through individual faculties and schools.

Initiatives include:

  • mental health awareness workshops
  • mental health awareness training
  • linking staff and students to other support services in the local and wider community
  • workshops on mental health topics
  • programs
  • promotions
  • community liaison
  • input into policy and planning

Information and Resources

Access to further information and resources.

  • fact sheets
  • workshops
  • resource library
  • audio resources
  • links