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Cross Cultural Support

The Cross-Cultural Support Service assists students from a Culturally & Linguistically Diverse (CALD) background and university staff who are working with them.

Who are CALD students?

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) students are not international students - they are citizens or permanent residents of Australia. Many are voluntary migrants, while some have entered Australia on Humanitarian Visas after being refugees.

CALD students come from many countries and represent many cultures and languages. The University of Tasmania currently has students enrolled who come from Chile, Guatemala, Iraq, Bosnia, Sri Lanka, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Sudan and Burundi. These students bring with them a vast array of life experiences and useful perspectives on the world around us. Many have fled violent civil wars, religious or political persecution or natural disasters like famine and drought. Many have experienced the worst that human nature can offer, yet bring enthusiasm and optimism to their study and the life of the University.

The Cross-Cultural Support Service provides a range of services targeting students and staff:

More in-depth information is available in our Cross Cultural Awareness and Communication fact sheet [PDF].

Contacting CALD Staff


Hobart: Sebastien Robin +61 3 6226 1880

Sydney: Jane Wang +61 2 8572 7986 

Our commitment to you

It is our mission to contribute positively to the learning experiences of CALD students at UTAS. In doing so, we are committed to supporting staff in their dealings with CALD students and to the enrichment of the UTAS community that cultural diversity offers. At all times, we will respect the culture and worldview of those with whom we deal.


Please read our CALD newsletter. This quarterly publication seeks to raise awareness about the CALD community, advertise upcoming events, profile past and present students and provide other relevant information and stories.

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