Current Students

Cross Cultural Support

The Student Advice team provides assistance to students from a Culturally & Linguistically Diverse (CALD) background and university staff who are working with them. At UTAS we are committed to the enrichment that cultural diversity offers to the university community. At all times, we will respect the culture and worldview of those with whom we deal.

Who are CALD students?

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) students are not international students - they are citizens or permanent residents of Australia; many are voluntary migrants, while some have entered Australia on Humanitarian Visas after being refugees. At UTAS, CALD students make up around 10% of the student body.

Some of our students from refugee backgrounds bring with them a vast array of life experiences and useful perspectives on the world around us. Many have fled violent civil wars, religious or political persecution or natural disasters like famine and drought. Many have experienced the worst that human nature can offer, yet bring enthusiasm and optimism to their study and the life of the University.

How can the Student Advice team help CALD students succeed at university?

Settling into university:

  • early individual orientation (by appointment)
  • help finding out vital things to remember in your first year
  • a welcome and introduction to helpful staff
  • connecting with other students like you

Individual assistance with:

  • forms and administration
  • housing and financial issues
  • access to study assistance
  • access to emotional support

Study assistance:

  • join extra tutes and workshops to develop your skills
  • extra time in exams for first year students

Getting some assistance as a CALD student

Please contact our team of Student Advisers through the contact point relevant to your faculty and campus.