Current Students

Services for Students

The Cross-Cultural Support Service can help you succeed at university.

Individual assistance with:

  • forms and administration
  • housing and financial issues
  • access to study assistance
  • access to emotional support

Settling into university:

  • early orientation and campus tours
  • vital things to remember in your first year
  • a welcome and introduction to helpful staff

CALD mentor scheme:

  • gives you help and support from older students
  • lets you become a mentor and help others

Study assistance:

  • join extra tutes and workshops to develop your skills
  • extra time in exams for first year students
  • assistance with purchasing cheap, reliable computers for your studies

Outreach sessions in colleges and TAFE:

  • a realistic introduction to university life
  • how to prepare for university
  • teach you about your options so you make the best choice

And if we can't help you we will find out who can.