Current Students


Students with disability and/or health condition can:

  • Familiarise themselves with both the University Disability Policy and Disability Procedure.
  • Develop the skills to compensate for the implications of their disability and/or health condition during the time at University. You may find ADCET for students webpage useful - it provides hints and resources that may assist you in understanding your rights and responsibilities.
  • Enter into an Agreement, via a Learning Access Plan (LAP) with the University to reduce the implications of their disability and/or health condition.

Disability Advisers can:

  • Provide information to students with disability and/or health condition on orientation to University facilities and services.
  • Evaluate the implications of a student's disability and/or health condition on participation at University.
  • Provide information about services to reduce the impact of the disability and/or health condition in the University environment.
  • Assist students to apply for services and study and assessment adjustments through the Learning Access Plan procedure.
  • When necessary, arrange access to course materials via:
    • Different levels of note-taking in lectures
    • Auslan interpreters (Australian Sign Language)
    • Referral to Library for procurement of materials in accessible format for students that are print disabled
  • Loan specialised equipment such as Audio Recorders, FM transmitter/receivers, electronic stethoscopes.
  • Authorise access to computers with specialised software.

Information Technology support for students with disability and/or health condition is available. For more information about assistance and software availability view the IT Support website.

If you require information regarding UTAS Access Parking Permits please refer to Campus Services  

Applying for services and study/assessment accommodations

Students with disability and/or health condition seeking support from the University, in accordance with the University Disability Procedure, have the responsibility to disclose the nature and implications of the disability and/or health condition to the Disability Service in order to receive study accommodations via the Learning Access Plan procedure.

Disability Service Personal Information Statement

Your personal information is being collected by the Student Centre on behalf of the University of Tasmania for the primary purpose/s of providing disability-related services and course adjustments. Failure to provide this information may result in you not receiving course adjustments or services to alleviate the implications of your disability on your study. Your personal information will only be used for the primary purpose for which it is collected and disclosed only to the following persons or organisations:

  • Employees of the University who require the information to properly carry out their duties; and
  • Australian Government Department of Education as part of the regular statistics collection of recorded disability type.

The University will ensure that your personal information is not used for any other purpose or disclosed to third parties without your consent unless such a disclosure is required or permitted by law.

Personal information will be managed in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act 2004, and the University of Tasmania's Personal Information Privacy Policy.

For information on how your personal information is being used or stored, or to access your personal information, visit the UTAS website.

Learning Access Plan (LAP)

A Learning Access Plan (LAP) is the formal document developed through Disability Services that details the specialist services, study and assessment accommodations available to an individual student with a disability and/or health condition. Students who need services and study accommodations are required to provide documentation from a health practitioner or educational psychologist and then meet with a Disability Adviser to develop their LAP. For more information click on LAP procedure.

How do I make an appointment with a Disability Adviser?

Once you have the necessary paperwork ready (Health Practitioner Report), you can make an appointment time online or contact the Student Centre to advise with this - 1800 817 675.

What if I am not satisfied?

  • Try to sort out the problem by discussing it with the staff member concerned. The University welcomes your feedback as it helps us to improve the services that we provide.
  • If for some reason you can't discuss the issue directly, or you have tried but are still not satisfied, you should contact the Executive Director of Student Experience.
  • If the issue is unable to be resolved you can make a formal complaint through the University complaints process (Ordinance 8).
  • Visit the Student Complaints website.
  • If you would like assistance with the Complaints process, or further support, you can contact the TUU Student Advocates.