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Centre for University Pathways and Partnerships Tasmanian International Scholarship (TIS)

These scholarships provide commencing international students studying the Foundation Studies Program (FSP) at the English Language Centre in Hobart with a 25% reduction in registered tuition fees for the duration of this course.


Available to all commencing international students who submit an application to study FSP leading to an undergraduate degree at UTAS. Applicants are automatically assessed for this scholarship. Selection for this scholarship will be based on exceptional achievement in previous secondary and/or diploma level courses with a minimum of 4 x A grades for academic subjects undertaken within the Malaysia/Singapore STPM and A levels program or equivalent*.  Applicants will be notified in their Offer of Enrolment if they have been successful in being awarded a scholarship which will include a scholarship offer outlining the conditions that apply to the TIS award. Important: Applicants must accept their offer within 3 weeks from the date of issue in order to retain their scholarship. Students should read the conditions of their scholarship carefully. 

Please note that this scholarship is only available to commencing students. The Student Centre will not reassess current students based on their academic progress at UTAS.

Ongoing Eligibility

Examination results are reviewed each semester by the Scholarships Selection Committee to determine ongoing eligibility. Recipients who do not meet ongoing eligibility will be notified by email. Recipients must achieve a minimum Distinction level pass in the first semester of FSP to be eligible to receive the scholarship in their second semester.

Recipients will be reassessed for ongoing eligibility into their chosen degree course based on their end of year FSP results.  Students that have achieved the required GPA will be offered a TIS by the faculty with which they have an Offer of Enrolment and will be notified by email of their eligibility. 

Recipients who are not successful in being awarded a TIS for their degree studies, will still be entitled to the FSP to degree 10% discount.


25% reduction in registered tuition fees for the duration of the FSP course.


As students are assessed automatically upon submission of their International Student Application Form, there is no need to apply separately, nor do recipients need to apply for ongoing eligibility.


Enquiries should be directed to International Scholarships

* For information regarding which academic subjects will be considered for TIS, please contact International Admissions directly.