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A very creepy Christmas…

Recording studio with orchestra in the background

The Christmas spirit never dies and neither do people - when they're zombies.

Haunted by the memories of Christmases past and scarred by years of loneliness, bereaved Calvin decides he can't take it anymore…

This is the plot of a new full-length zombie feature film titled Christmas with the Dead based on a short story by Joe R. Lanesdale, author of cult film classic Bubba Ho-tep.

The film is directed by Terrill Lee Lankford and stars Damian Maffei.

The UTAS Conservatorium of Music's Music Technology and Audio Departments collaborated with the Stephen F. Austin University (SFA) in Texas to create the audio post-production, foley (everyday sounds) and songs and recorded the orchestral underscore for the film.

More than 25 students from both institutions were involved.

The Conservatorium's Tasmania Discovery Orchestra (TDO), with a complement of 70 musicians, conducted by Mark Buys (UTAS) and visiting artist Vladimir Martinka performed and recorded the score at UTAS' Stanley Burbury Theatre 23rd to 25th March.

The scoring session was streamed live from Stanley Burbury to Texas, where it was viewed by the film-makers and SFA students.

This was the TDO's first film score session.

The Head of the Conservatorium, Professor Andrew Legg, said the collaboration with the filmmakers was another chance for the TDO to showcase the fine quality of its music.

"The TDO has held several successful concerts already and performing the score for Christmas with the Dead was chance for the musicians to stretch themselves creatively and to take part in a project that is out of the ordinary.

"The Conservatorium is pleased to be involved in such an exciting project."

For more information view the websites for  the TDO and the Conservatorium of Music.

Published on: 26 Mar 2012 11:50am