Current Students

Add a Diploma but don't add to your HECS debt

Interested in combining your degree study with one of the following diplomas:  Languages, Fine Arts & Design, Music Performance and Creative Media Technology?

UTAS is offering HECS scholarships for students undertaking study in one of these diplomas, while concurrently enrolled in another degree program (with a 75% enrolment load or above in the main degree).  This means that students can extend their knowledge and qualifications in an area of interest, even if it doesn't fit within their existing degree.

Some students may already have a head start on their Diploma through participation in the University College Program.  And many of the units in the Diploma programs are offered over spring and summer semesters, so this can be an ideal opportunity to explore a new subject area over the break.

To find out more about eligibility criteria for the scholarship, and how to apply visit or phone the Uni Info Centre on 1300 363 864.

Published on: 15 Oct 2010 2:55pm