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After-hours philosophy on offer

After-hours philosophy on offer

UTAS students are for the first time being offered a night class in philosophy by lecturer Dr Graham Wood.

In a bid to fit in with modern lifestyles and at the same time liven up the UTAS Newnham Campus at night, Dr Wood said the class would be held after 5pm starting on Monday July 16 and is expected to have broad appeal.

“The idea is to find a time that suits students who work during the day or have a family and need a partner at home to be with the children,” he said.

“So far there’s been quite a bit of interest, especially from distance students. While being a distance student is a practical way of gaining a degree, a significant number of distance students value the opportunity to interact with other students and their lecturers on campus.”

Philosophy will trial HPA274/374 Science and Religion on Monday nights this semester at a time to be negotiated with enrolled students.

Both science and religion are major features of human civilization, but what is the relationship between them?

Are they opposed by definition, or is that too simple a conclusion?

The new night class examines foundational philosophical issues in the encounter between science and religion through study of the "intelligent design" debate.

Themes explored include the nature of scientific and teleological explanation and the use of these explanations to explain life.

The unit is offered as an intermediate or advanced undergraduate unit, and anyone who has completed 25 per cent of first year in any faculty of the University can enrol.

For more information see the Handbook entry.

If you have further questions contact Graham Wood, ph.6324 3920 or email

Published on: 13 Jul 2012 5:00pm