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Around the world to study our ocean’s organisms

Scholarship recipient Maki Otomaru with Professor Andrew McMinn from IMAS

The first recipient of a new exchange scholarship is keen to learn more about both science and Australia.

Japanese student Maki Otomaru, 23, is the 2012 recipient of the Tsuneichi Fujii Scholarship. She is currently a graduate student at Hokkaido University in Japan.

The Fuji scholarship will allow her to spend around four months here studying  phytoplankton (tiny, plant-like organisms) in the Southern Ocean, with researchers from IMAS.

Maki is keen to work under the expertise of IMAS’ Professor Andrew McMinn who is a “well recognised authority on the ecology and eco-physiology of marine phytoplankton.”

“I am eager to learn his scientific techniques and to carry out a series of laboratory experiments with antarctic phytoplankton cultures.”

Maki said she also wants to see and feel the culture of Australia during her stay as much as possible.

The late Mr Tsuneichi Fujii was a successful Japanese businessman who had a long association through major business dealings with Tasmania.

In 1985 the Tsuneichi Fujii Fellowship Trust was established through a generous gift of $50,000 from Mr Fujii, to establish and developing cultural, business and educational exchanges between Tasmania and Japan.

The Tsuneichi Fujii Scholarship program, supported by the trust, supports study exchanges for Tasmanian and Japanese postgraduate students across a range of disciplines and to develop stronger links between cultures.

Image: Scholarship recipient Maki Otomaru with Professor Andrew McMinn from IMAS.

Published on: 31 Aug 2012 1:12pm