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Arts Student Shines at International Symposium

the gang UTAS Bachelor of Arts student Laura Sykes was invited to participate in the University Scholars Leadership Symposium 2011 held in Thailand.  
The Symposium played host to 350 University students from 37 countries, who are passionate about making a difference and engaging in discussions around sustainable development and humanitarian aid.  

Symposium attendees worked in groups to plan, discuss and design humanitarian projects as well as hear from key speakers who highlighted global issues such as human trafficking as well as stories of inspiration leaders working to improve impoverished communities.

“I had a life-changing experience in Thailand, the Symposium gave me a greater understanding of global humanitarian issues, their complexities and the ongoing challenges facing those in the field of development,” Laura said.
“It has inspired me to create my own Vision Group through Vision Generation (the youth movement of World Vision) to continue educating and empowering students on campus about global issues.”

Laura believes that universities are the platform for changing ideas and values and she is committed to play a leading role in educating and empowering her fellow university students to take action around sustainable development and fair trade.

“UTAS is now recognised internationally as a leading university around sustainable development and I want to continue to grow this awareness on campus.”

Students interested in social justice and humanitarian development can also apply for the 2012 Symposium and for more information, head to website

Students interested in joining Laura’s Vision Group can email her on

Published on: 30 Sep 2011 4:22pm