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Aussie accent focus of new project


Can you lend your voice in the name of knowledge?

The new AusTalk project is collecting Australian voices.

People from all over the country are invited to participate in the project by lending their voices to a new audio-visual database.

The project is being run through the University of Western Sydney   and 10 other universities across Australia are involved.

The Tasmanian investigator is Dr Nenagh Kemp, from the UTAS School of Psychology. Dr Kemp will be recruiting 48 people to contribute their voices to the project.

The database of Australian speech will provide a digital archive of how we speak, for now and the future. It will also be used for a range of important research applications, including speech recognition systems for services such as banking or taxi telephone bookings. It might also lead to improved hearing aids and cochlear implants and computer aids for learning-impaired children.

Lending your voice

Participants must be over 18 and have completed all their schooling in Australia. They will be recorded reading some words and sentences, having a conversation and playing a game with another participant. They will also be asked to complete a short questionnaire.

Duration is three one-hour sessions (on separate days). Participants will be given $25 for the first and second recording session and $40 for the final recording session.

Their data will be kept anonymously, but they will have a code so  they can access their own speech data in the final database on the web.

To learn more about being part of the AusTalk project, and to register your interest in participating, go to the AusTalk website or contact Dr Kemp on

Published on: 04 Feb 2011 1:29pm