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Australian Graduate Survey coming soon

2011 Australian Graduate Survey

Last year's UTAS graduates will soon be encouraged to respond to the Australian Graduate Survey (AGS), which seeks information on graduate outcomes and the university experience.

The AGS is a national survey coordinated by Graduate Careers Australia, but administered by each university annually since 1972.

The survey has two components – the Graduate Destination Survey (GDS) and Course Experience Questionnaire (CEQ). It represents a uniquely useful set of data on trends in employment and the quality of university teaching. Information from the GDS is used to monitor the health of job markets, professional trends and salary levels, and helps determine national policy on higher education. The CEQ (or Postgraduate Research Experience Questionnaire – PREQ - for research graduates) provides invaluable insights into the quality of university learning and helps determine university funding decisions.

UTAS Research and Projects Officer of CALTs Surveys Team, Dave Abbott, said the survey is an important way to find out more about our graduates and their level of satisfaction with the course they undertook.

"The Graduate Destination Survey component looks at what graduates are doing approximately six months after graduation. Whether graduates have found employment, the location of this employment, their salary or if they are undertaking further study," Mr Abbot said.

"The Course Experience Questionnaire asks graduates to evaluate the course they undertook in terms of quality, teaching, self-rated skill level and overall satisfaction. This information can help UTAS assess their progress over time as well as benchmark against other universities.

"In the past, UTAS students have rated their experience on or above the national average."

The Australian Graduate Survey will commence in April.

For more information on the Australian Graduate Survey click here

Published on: 01 Apr 2011 4:33pm