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Bicycle Transport in Tasmanian Cities

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UTAS will host a public forum on strategies for increasing the percentage of work, school and shopping trips that are made by bike in Tasmanian cities.

The keynote speaker for the event will be Dr Anne Lusk from the Harvard School of Public Health, who is a world leading researcher on the public health benefits of bicycle transport.

Dr Lusk's research has focused on comfortable and safe environments that will motivate women, children, seniors, parents with children on their bicycles, individuals around the world, and lower income individuals to bicycle.

She has 30 years of experience designing, permitting, and funding bicycle facilities and delivering keynotes, consulting, and conducting research on bicycle facilities.

Dr Lusk's PhD in Architecture included Environment and Behaviour (how people perceive and use space) and Urban Planning (how environments can be built based on policy).

Her expertise is bicycle environments and she partners with individuals in public health and related fields to explore the associations between bicycle environments and policy, behaviour, costs and health as related to weight control, mobile source air pollution exposure, injury, crashes, crime, motivation, environmental preferences, sustainability and joy.

Book Launch

The forum will include the launch of a new book Cycle-Space: Architecture and Urban Design Principles in the Age of the Bicycle by Dr Steven Fleming of UTAS. Cycle-Space includes portraits of cities Dr Fleming has known as a cyclist (Sydney, Portland, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Singapore, Chicago, Paris and New York) and presents an urban design remedy to a political impasse currently facing many government departments. Increasing bicycle transport, either on the road, or by making separate bike lanes, is being blocked by voters who drive. Cycle-Space presents a third way. 

Public Forum: The event will conclude with a panel discussion giving attendees an opportunity to ask questions of the two speakers and local experts on bicycle transport.

Who: Dr. Anne Lusk from the Harvard School of Public Health, Dr. Steven Fleming, UTAS, members of the public.

What: A Forum on Public Health, City Planning and Bicycle Transport and book launch.

When: Friday 12 Oct 2012 1-3pm.

Where: School of Architecture and Design, Inveresk campus.

Information/RSVP: +61 3 6324 4488. RSVP: or +61 3 6226 2521.

Published on: 02 Oct 2012 11:58am