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Bouncing into a new year

student on jumping castle

Semester one at UTAS officially began today and all three campuses have been buzzing with students.

Students have been taking part in free activities, getting to know one another, visiting the campus facilities, purchasing textbooks and attending their first lectures and classes.

Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Peter Rathjen, welcomed both the new and commencing students.

“The atmosphere of vibrancy and life the return of the undergraduate students brings is very enjoyable- it is wonderful to see so many students around the campus once more,” Prof Rathjen said.

“Whether you are you are a first year undergraduate student or on the home-stretch of a postgraduate degree, I hope this year is a productive and stimulating one.”

Students can find lots of handy information about the university on the UTAS Students webpage including info on key dates, timetables, enrolments, courses and student programs.

Image: Emily Rundling, TUU Female Welfare Officer, takes a new year of university head-on as she leaps around a bouncy castle at the UTAS Sandy Bay campus. The first week of university is always a colourful one with lots of activities and stalls around campus.

To see images from the Hobart, Launceston and Cradle Coast campuses’ first week back at uni, visit the photo gallery.

Do you have your own photos from Orientation and the first week back? Submit your shots to the UTAS Facebook page for the chance to win an a $100 iTunes gift card! For more information, visit the UTAS Facebook page.

The O Week activities are organised by the Tasmanian University Union.

Published on: 02 Mar 2012 9:43am