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Calling all stargazers

Mount Canopus Open Night

Curious stargazers are invited to investigate the heavens at the upcoming Mount Canopus Open Night.

There will be many telescopes to view, with friendly guides from the Astronomical Society of Tasmania. If it is a clear night, people will be able to see craters on the Moon and the rings of Saturn.

Also visible will be clusters of beautiful stars along the Milky Way.

There will also be tours of the University of Tasmania’s research telescope and talks by astronomers.

Who: All are welcome to attend.
What: Mount Canopus Open Night
When: From 7 pm to 10 pm, Saturday 28 April 2012
Where: The observatory is on the top of Canopus Hill, on Canopus Rd, near Cambridge.
Cost: $5 per person, with children under 16 are free

For more information, visit the Astronomical Society of Tasmania website:

Image courtesy of NASA.

Published on: 20 Apr 2012 10:07am