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Family’s university connection continues

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23-year-old Jacinta Nandan will graduate today with a Bachelor of Arts/Law - and it’s something of a family tradition.

Jacinta is the fifth child of Robyn and Nitya to graduate from the University of Tasmania and the fourth generation of their family to graduate from UTAS.

Jacinta’s great grandfather, Philip Lewis Griffiths, graduated 101 years ago in 1910 with a Bachelor of Laws. He later lectured in Law at UTAS and became Solicitor-General in 1930, a King’s Counsel in 1933, and later a judge.

Robyn Nandan, mother of Jacinta, holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Diploma of Education from UTAS. She said both of her parents were graduates too.

“My father, Philip Talbot Archibald Griffiths, graduated with a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Engineering after World War Two in 1947,” Robyn said.

“My mother, Daphne Caroline Griffiths (Nee Powell) graduated with Bachelor of Arts in about 1940.”

The other Nandan children that have graduated from UTAS over the years are:

• Karina Nandan, Bachelor of Nursing, 2000
• Philip Nandan, Bachelor of Education 2001
• Vijesh Nandan, Bachelor of Commerce, 2008
• Christopher Nandan, Bachelor of Science (Information Systems) 2008

“Our second daughter. Anita, studied Hospitality and Tourism at the Drysdale Institute of TAFE in 2004,” Robyn said.

Robyn’s husband Nitya is a pharmacist and received his PHC from the Hobart Technical College in 1974.

Photo: Keeping a family tradition alive. Left to right: Christopher, Anita, Jacinta, Robyn and Nitya Nandan.

Published on: 13 Dec 2011 3:26pm