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Fantastic Plastic exhibition on now

Gill Ward and Lynn Davies with some of the EPs on show in the Fantastic Plastic exhibition.

Learn all about the history and development of plastic through a colourful, kitsch and chemical timeline in a new exhibition in the Morris Miller Library at the UTAS Sandy Bay campus.

Fantastic Plastic showcases the development of plastic and is illustrated by chemical information, structures and 3D molecular models, thanks to Dr Greg Dicinoski and James Howard from the UTAS School of Chemistry.

The exhibition includes a wide variety of gorgeous retro objects, including sunglasses, canisters, toys, radios and telephones.
All of the items were loaned by UTAS staff members.

Curator Gill Ward said the exhibition has been getting a lot of attention from curious library-goers.

“I love this beautiful little Bakelite (an early plastic) child’s set,” she said, pointing to a tiny green French tumbler and tray set from the 30s.

 “It is the International Year of Chemistry as well as National Science Week, so there was a desire to have an exhibition that tied in with those events. The history of plastic allows us to showcase quirky, fun objects but also have a scientific thread that celebrates both of those important events,” she said.

The exhibition was curated and designed by Gill and Lynn Davies, with assistance from Heather Excell and Jules Witek. It has been a collaborative effort between the UTAS Library the Schools of Chemistry and Sociology and Social Work.

The exhibition is open to the public during Library opening hours and will continue until September 30th 2011.

The exhibition was made possible by:

The generous support of the National Science Week Committee and plastic items from the Adrian Franklin Collection of Modern Industrial Arts, and the private collections of Lynn Davies, Gillian Ward, Lucia Usmiani, Ian Apted, Catherine Apted, Linda Forbes, Kay Wall, David Harvey, Janine Combes, Laurie Cook, Claire Stevenson, Peter Doyle, David Lyons, Leigh Woolley and Zoe McKay.

Photo: Gill Ward and Lynn Davies with some of the EPs on show in the Fantastic Plastic exhibition.

Published on: 11 Aug 2011 5:58pm