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Government funding to rebuild rowing facilities

Two people in front of row boats in shed

The Tasmanian rowing community has been given a boost with the announcement of $2.5 million Government funding to build new boatsheds, a gym and clubrooms at the New Town Bay rowing facility.

Senator Carol Brown announced the funding at the club today (Monday 4 June 2012).

The Buckingham Rowing Club, the Tasmanian University Boat Club (TUBC), St Virgils, St Marys, the Guildford Young Rowing Club and the Tasmanian Institute of Sport will all benefit from the new facility.

The new complex will replace three existing facilities that have fallen into disrepair.

Neil Stump, President of the TUBC, is "over the moon."

"The medium to long-term future of all the clubs here would have been very problematic without this funding to build the new facility," he said.

Mr Stump started rowing as a schoolboy in the under 13s at Newtown High. He emphasised the importance of the sport.

"It requires a major commitment. It teaches kids time management skills, with rowing you have to be very disciplined with your time.

"These kids are not the party-goers. We’re up and on the water between five thirty, six, of a morning. The majority of them are really focused and hard-working."

Meaghan Volker, 21, is a third year UTAS Engineering student and a rower.

"I’ve been rowing for about six or seven years now. I used to do athletics and I switched into rowing and it’s one of those sports where you’re all in or all out.

"I like the camaraderie you build up. Rowing really is the ultimate team sport- if someone’s not pulling the boat, you’ll know and they’ll know. It’s always just really appealed to me.

"It’s a way to chill out and it’s a great way to keep fit."

Image: Rowers Abbie Crow, 17, of Rosny College and Meaghan Volker, 21, UTAS Engineering student, in the sheds which will be rebuilt with Government funding.

Published on: 04 Jun 2012 4:50pm