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Heavy rains cause adverse driving conditions

Rain is a contributing factor to adverse road conditions

Recent weather conditions including heavy rainfall and strong winds have created adverse driving conditions across the state of Tasmania.

As recently as yesterday, there was another serious road incident which resulted in a fatality on the Midlands Highway.

Staff and students driving intercampus as well as locally are currently subject to the adverse weather and road conditions. The hazards and risk factors are commonly broadcast via the regulatory bodies and the media. Currently road closures as a result of issues including flooding, landslides, fallen trees and washed out roads and bridges are being experienced.


The following list is not exhaustive but serves to remind you to think about your safety.

Reconsider the need to travel:

  • Can videoconference facilities be used instead?
  • Can the trip be postponed?

If you must travel in adverse conditions then:

If you must drive in adverse conditions then:

  • It is recommended drivers use their headlights on low when driving during the day in these conditions.
  • Plan ahead, read the UTAS Driving Policy, check the latest weather and road news, allow extra time for delays and diversions
  • Make sure you let someone know you have left and when you expect to arrive
  • Carry a mobile phone, first aid kit and a torch
  • Ensure the car is safe and appropriate for the adverse conditions.
    • Has it been serviced recently?
    • Check the conditions of the tyres, inflation pressures (including the spare) and tread depth
    • Check wiper blades are not torn and well fastened
    • Check that the screen washers work and that the bottle is full
    • Check that the head and tail lights work
    • Check that the engine oil level is OK
    • Make sure the fuel tank is full
  • Avoid peak travel times
  • Manage fatigue levels
  • Strongly avoid any night travel
  • Avoid travelling alone
  • Slow down and maintain a safe following distance (apply the three second rule)
  • Don't use cruise control in the heavy, wet weather - if you hit a puddle, the cruise control can make the car automatically accelerate, which can cause you to lose control.

The UTAS Driving Policy is available on the UTAS Policy website: Driving policy (PDF 95KB)

The ABC 936 radio station website is available at Hobart Weather.

Published on: 14 Apr 2011 2:49pm