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High-achieving Health Science students

Left to right, Dortea Andersen and Anette Madsen, both 23, have been awarded the Crown Princess Mary Scholarship for 2012.

The 2012 Crown Princess Mary Scholarship has been awarded to two students studying in the UTAS Faculty of Health  – Dortea Andersen and Anette Madsen, both 23.

The Scholarship is awarded to high achieving students from Denmark and provides the recipients each with $3,000 towards the cost of their studies in Tasmania.

Dortea is in the final year of her Masters at the University of Copenhagen and Anette is in her final year of study at VIA University College in Aarhus.

The recipients are chosen not only for their academic merit, but also their extra-curricular activities and motivation for studying in Tasmania. The scholarship is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students in all areas of studies offered at UTAS.

UTAS Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Rathjen congratulated Dortea and Anette on receiving the scholarship.

"Dortea and Anette have chosen to take part of their education abroad and I commend their adventurous spirit.

"Their studies in Acute Care Nursing and in Pharmacy are both very worthy pursuits and I wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours.

"Our partnership with the University of Copenhagen and our special ties with Denmark via our UTAS alumnus Crown Princess Mary, mean that students can benefit from a fine education and also from the experience of studying overseas with this Scholarship."

Dortea's Masters project, which she is carrying out in the UTAS School of Pharmacy, is titled The kinetics of oncology drugs with complementary medicines.

In her application, Dortea described studying at UTAS the experience of a lifetime and couldn't wait to have UTAS as part of her education. She said she looked forward to studying in a university on the "other side of the world."

Dortea was encouraged to complete her Masters at UTAS by her supervisor at the University of Copenhagen, who completed her own Masters at UTAS, and now works collaboratively with the UTAS Head of Pharmacy Professor Greg Peterson.

"As John said, my supervisor was here years ago and as you can see I am here now- so it's kind of contagious," she said.

Anette is enrolled in Acute Care Nursing in the UTAS School of Nursing and Midwifery. She has had the goal of becoming a nurse for many years and her personal objectives are "to develop herself professionally and personally."

Anette has been a disability helper and currently works at a Nursing home where she gets to use her theoretical knowledge and develop herself practically. In her spare time, she is a fitness and spinning instructor.

"I'm a girl from a small city so I didn't know I was going to experience such a big dream as this and I'm very happy to be here- it's a huge honour to meet you all, especially the Donaldson family.

"I can't describe how much this means to me. It's such a huge opportunity for me. I jumped up and down in the air yesterday when I found out," she said.

"It means the world to me so thank you so much. "

Senior staff from the University attended the presentation, as well as the Crown Princess Mary's father (Professor John Donaldson), his wife (Susan Moody), the Crown Princess's sisters (Jane Stevens and Patricia Bailey), members of the Danish Consulate and local Danish community.

Published on: 15 Feb 2012 5:02pm