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Husband and wife graduate together

wife and husband graduates

A love of agricultural science - and each other – saw a young husband and wife graduate at the same ceremony, with the same degree, on Monday 12 December 2011.

Cora and Josh Roberts, both 22, both graduated with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science with Honours at the 11am graduation ceremony.

 “We met in high school and went through college together - we ended up going to uni together too,” Cora said.

She said the two of them helped each other with university study as they were working in the same areas.

“There was a bit of healthy rivalry and competition!” she said.

Cora did her Honours project on fungi while Josh’s looked at finding a cover crop for poppies.

“We were interested in different aspects. He wants to work outside in paddocks whereas I am interested in research.”

Cora said going through her university career with her partner “certainly helped”.

“I’d rather do it with him than without him. It’s been good doing it together.”

Josh said there was the added benefit of “only needing to buy one set of textbooks” for their course.

Graduations continue this week with ceremonies on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (including the Town and Gown procession) and on Saturday in Launceston.

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Published on: 12 Dec 2011 12:33pm