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Images capture fresh perspective on State’s natural beauty

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A new photographic exhibition at the UTAS Cradle Coast Campus brings a fresh perspective on Tasmania’s natural landscape.

Tasmanian photographer, Dr Timothy Moss’ exhibition, Ordinary Places: North-West Tasmania, explores the sights beyond the iconic imagery often associated with the island state.

The exhibit will be officially opened this Friday (April 29) by Dr David Moltow, UTAS Education lecturer, from 6pm at the UTAS Cradle Coast Campus in Burnie.

Dr Moss said the works showcase the ordinary, everyday places of North-West Tasmania, encouraging viewers to look through their windows differently and consider their role in shaping the possibility of ordinary beauty.

“I find myself intrigued and challenged by the Tasmania that I find on everyday roads, the places that exist between those that are named on the tourist maps. Ordinary places,” Dr Moss said.

“It is in these ordinary places where I find my own vision of the beauty that is so characteristic of our island; in the golden light that streams through twisted branches of a once-green tree at Natone; in the decaying geometry of a worn-out shed at Cuprona.”

The exhibition will run until June 3 and is open to the public, Monday to Friday, from 9am until 6pm.

For more information email Cradle Coast Campus or phone (03) 6430 4949.

Published on: 27 Apr 2011 10:10am