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Are you completing a Maths, Science, Engineering or related degree (e.g. Agricultural Science, Medical Science) in 2011?
Are you interested in beginning a Master of Teaching degree in 2012?
There are four scholarship places being provided by the Department of Education. Placements will be in Launceston or Hobart.
If you will be completing your degree this year and will enrol in the first year of a two year Master of Teaching degree (secondary teaching) in 2012 you are eligible to apply.

  •         This year - 2011
    -      The Department of Education will pay you $500 and provide an introductory session of one week working in a government secondary school to see if teaching is the career for you.
  •         Scholarship support in 2012
    -      $3,500 in three payments across the year when you commence and successfully continue in the first year of the M. Teach.
    -      Supported time in a DoE secondary school.
  •         Scholarship support in 2013  (as for the Partnerships in Teaching Excellence (PiTE) program)
    -      $6,000 scholarship allowance paid in three instalments when you successfully complete the requirements for the first year of the M Teach.
    -      A fully maintained laptop and full access to the DoE network.
    -      Placement in a school for a day a week for first semester and two days a week in second semester.
    Upon completion of your Master of Teaching and upon the recommendation from the scholarship program, you will be offered paid employment in DoE schools on top of the scholarship allowance.
    Upon successful completion of all components of the scholarship program in 2013, scholarship holders will be appointed to permanent positions in DoE schools (subject to the scholarship terms and conditions *).
    An additional allowance of $8,000 as a contribution towards your HECS debt will be paid to you in three annual instalments (while you remain as a teacher with the DoE). Payment of the allowance is subject to the successful completion of the probationary teaching year.
    Preparing your application:
    The application has four parts:
    1.       The application form
    Obtainable on request by email to Jan Bower
    2.    A covering letter of about 500 words explaining why you would like to be part of this scholarship program.
    3.    A Curriculum Vitae
    Background information about yourself, including educational qualifications, employment history and other information you deem relevant to your application
    4.    Your university academic record

Submitting your application:
Your written application should be submitted by email to Jan Bower:
Applications must be received by Friday, 26 August 2011.
Selections will involve an interview. Final acceptance into the program is subject to an assessment of your academic results and the satisfactory completion of a school placement of one week in Term 3, 2011.
By making an application, you are providing us with permission to contact appropriate people within the University for comment on your suitability for a career in teaching. Applicants should note that the selection process and offer of a scholarship is based on merit, resulting from an assessment of academic results, personal statement, an interview and reports from mentor teachers and university staff.

* Applicants will receive a copy of the terms and conditions of this scholarship offer upon receipt of application or upon request.
Ruth Radford, Principal Project Leader, Teacher Learning Centre, 170 Mockridge Road, Rokeby  7019
Phone:  (03) 6212 3515

Published on: 20 Jul 2011 3:13pm