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Is this art?

A new CentrStage play attempts to answer a difficult question

Tucked away in an office in the School of Visual and Performing Arts at Inveresk is a small comic strip, sticky-taped to a wall.

In the comic strip, two characters are staring at a piece of modern art, hanging in an art gallery.

“I could have done that,” one character says to the other.

“Yes,” comes the reply, “but you didn’t.”

The question of what art is -- and isn’t -- inspired the comedic play Art, which is being performed by CentrStage at Inveresk’s Annexe Theatre this week.

Directed by Laura Bishop, the play centres on Serge, played by Robert Lewis, who purchases an expensive painting, most remarkable for the fact that it is entirely white.

Serge’s friend Yvan, played by Leigh Oswin, is bemused by the painting, while another friend Marc, played by Chris Jackson, is incensed by it and cannot see any artistic merit in the work at all.

Their arguments, debates and diatribes make for a hilarious performance, which will be open to the public at 7pm over three nights, from Wednesday August 10, until Friday August 12 at the Annexe Theatre at Inveresk.

Tickets are $25 for adults, $18 for concession holders, $10 for students, and can be purchased either at the door or by calling the Princess Theatre box office on (03) 6323 3666.

Picture: Robert Lewis, as Serge, attempts to convince his two friends, Yvan, played by Leigh Oswin, and Marc, played by Chris Jackson, that his new acquisition really is art.

Published on: 09 Aug 2011 2:07pm