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Leearway Day coming up

Ms Clair Andersen is Director, Indigenous Higher Education

Leearway Day is coming up. Leearway Days are held before Orientation Week each semester when Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students can visit the Riawunna Centre, tour the university campus, meet the Riawunna staff and find out more about programs and support for Indigenous students.

The day also provides the opportunity for students to assess their readiness for study and to register for support programs.

Riawunna, under the UTAS Faculty of Arts, is committed to the advancement of knowledge about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and societies and to the promotion of cross-cultural understandings, as well as to providing a prominent place within the University for Indigenous Australian values, traditions and discourses.

The dates for Leearway Days across UTAS campuses:

Cradle Coast campus: Wed 15th Feb, 2012

Launceston campus: Thurs 16th Feb, 2012

Hobart campus: Fri 17th Feb, 2012

Special note: ‘leearway’ means open and has been sourced from, A Word-List of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Languages, by N.J.B. Plomley, Launceston, Foot and Playsted Pty Ltd, 1976, p.337.

For more information visit Riawunna.

Image: Ms Clair Andersen is Director, Indigenous Higher Education.

Published on: 09 Feb 2012 3:07pm