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Live NASA footage with running expert commentary

NASA Rover

On 6 August 2012 the Curiosity rover will land on Mars. It will be the most sophisticated vehicle ever sent to the Red Planet.

From 3pm to 6pm on this day, QVMAG Planetarium staff, Martin George and Chris Arkless, will host a special session in the Museum's Auditorium.

Also present will be Paulo de Souza, Professor of Sensor Informatics at the University of Tasmania.

Prof de Souza is a participating scientist in the Mars Exploration Rover program.

Live NASA television will be projected onto a large screen with running commentary by Prof de Souza and Martin George.

When: Monday 6 August 2012, 3pm to 6pm with the first images from the spacecraft expected to appear around 5.30pm EST.

Where: QVMAG Museum, Inveresk. Presented by QVMAG.

Admission is free. Please note, details may change without notice.

Professor Paulo de Souza is also giving a talk in Hobart on the Curiosity rover landing. View details

Image: Artist's impression of the Curiosity rover on Mars. Image courtesy NASA.

Published on: 31 Jul 2012 2:29pm