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David Kuel uses his 24 hour Morris Miller Library pass to fit in study around his busy schedule.

An all-hours access pass to the UTAS Sandy Bay campus’ Morris Miller Library is helping busy students gain entry to the library at whatever time might suit them.

David Kuel  is studying second year Law and already holds a Masters in Public Policy from UTAS. He was checking his emails before the usual 8.30am opening time at the library. He said he has had the 24-7 pass almost since the policy began.

“I have had the pass for quite a while. I come here regularly for different reasons. To use the internet and have access to other things I need from the library- and the pass lets me come whenever I want,” he said.

David has a new job coming up in August and looks forward to being able to visit the library around his busy schedule.

“After you finish work you can still come in here- I have a lot of friends who work, so they have the pass so they can come any time and do their homework. It’s convenient.”

“I think that’s one of the advantages.”

Jane Long, University Librarian, is pleased the 24 hour pass is being embraced.

“One night we had 80 plus students here!

“We were responding to student needs to juggle classes and part time work – when we close at 10pm is when a lot of them start studying.

“There was also a well-voiced demand for earlier opening hours.

“We have had good feedback in that students appreciate being in a comfortable and safe learning environment,” Ms Long said.

“Campus security should also take a lot of credit for supporting us in this.”

For more information on accessing the Morris Miller Library 24-7, visit the UTAS Library website

Photo: David Kuel  uses his 24 hour Morris Miller Library pass to fit in study around his busy schedule.

Published on: 21 Jul 2011 1:55pm