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The Careers Fair is an expo-style event of large and medium-sized employers from around Australia who recruit university graduates.
The  Fair will be held on the Hobart Campus on Friday 11 March 2011 from 12pm -3pm.  
These employers come to the Careers Fair to meet with potential employees – which is where you come in!

Each employer has a stand with information about their organisation and employment opportunities. Many organisations also bring along a recent university graduate who is now employed with them. A wide range of employers attend, from fields such as accountancy, law, finance and banking, engineering, IT, and local, state and Commonwealth Government departments.

The Careers Fair provides an excellent opportunity for students to meet employers and gain some great networking and self marketing skills. It also helps students gain an awareness of the key employers within particular industries and their graduate employment opportunities. Make sure you read our Careers Fair tips sheet (PDF 81KB) for tips on how to prepare for the Fair and make best use of time on the day.

All students from all disciplines and year groups are welcome to attend the Careers Fair:

  • First year students may want to see what it is all about and to collect literature and handouts to help plan for the future.
  • Penultimate year student may want to investigate vacation work and establish contacts for internships and or/work experience opportunities. Or they may want practice their networking skills.
  • Final year students may be looking for graduate opportunities and want to meet with potential employers to find out more about their programs. They may even have the opportunity to get early to take the first steps towards an interview.  

Northern students attending the Careers Fair

We are keen to encourage Launceston and Cradle Coast students to attend the Careers Fair in Hobart. So that you have the flexibility of travelling in your own timeframe, Career Development & Employment will reimburse you for your fuel costs.
Follow these easy steps:

  1. Keep your petrol receipts for your travel
  2. Collect a fuel reimbursement token from the Support & Equity booth at the Careers Fair on the day
  3. Contact after the Fair for assistance in filling out a claim form, and bring your token
  4. Turnaround for payment through the UTAS finance system is 14 days 

Published on: 01 Mar 2011 4:08pm