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New deal to improve agricultural extension services in Tasmania

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Tasmanian farmers will benefit from a new, non-exclusive agreement reached between UTAS’ Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA) and three major consulting firms.

In a bid to improve the focus and effectiveness of agricultural extension services TIA and the firms AK Consultants, Macquarie Franklin and RDS Partners have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

“The MoU defines our joint commitment for close collaboration in the design and implementation of agricultural extension activities that will improve the profitability and sustainability of agriculture in Tasmania,” the Director of TIA, Professor Holger Meinke, said today.

“TIA and the MOU signatories, as representatives of Tasmania’s private sector generally, are proud that we have created the opportunity for all private service providers to engage with the institute in the development of Tasmanian agriculture.”

The key planks of this MoU are:

  • Recognition that the three consulting firms represent directly and indirectly the majority of extension service providers in Tasmania.
  • Agreement that the private sector should be the major provider of extension services.
  • Acknowledgement that increased collaboration between TIA and the private providers will increase the end user take-up and effectiveness of TIA and other relevant research and development.
  • Agreement that closer cooperation will build the capability and capacity of staff in TIA and within the private sector and will increase opportunities for joint applications for major project funding.

“We believe this closer cooperation will not only improve the effectiveness and delivery of extension services, but it will build the capability of the organisations and personnel involved,” Prof Meinke said.

“We ask that all staff keep in mind the objectives of the MoU and be proactive in coming forward with ideas and suggestions for cooperation.”

Published on: 27 Jun 2012 3:59pm