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New partnership for students to study environmental sustainability abroad

Wayne and Ted Undergraduate students at UTAS will soon have the unique opportunity to study environmental sustainability at a university in Austria, Poland, Denmark or Scotland.

UTAS, along with two Australian universities and four European universities, have received a joint mobility grant from the Australian-European Union Education Cooperation worth $790,000.

The Australian contingent of the project includes James Cook University (lead institution), Flinders University, and UTAS. The European contingent includes the University of Dundee in the UK (lead institution), Johannes Kepler University (Austria), University of Wroclaw (Poland), and the University of Copenhagen (Denmark). 

The Global Environmental Sustainability Project will run for three years. It will give 30 Australian students the chance to study at a partner institution in the EU, and 32 students from the EU to study at an Australian partner institution for one semester.  Students will learn about sustainable management of the environment within the host country.

Faculty Manager of the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology at UTAS, Wayne Goninon, said the project will give approximately ten students from UTAS who are studying a relevant discipline, the chance to study in Europe. 

“This is really a very exciting prospect for our students to be able to learn about the environment of either, Austria, Denmark, Scotland or Poland. It will provide invaluable experience as students will learn things that they may not do by staying on the one continent,” Wayne said.

“I expect many students from the European universities who are passionate about environmental sustainability, will be very keen to come to Tassie and study one of our many unique courses.”  

Director of the UTAS Centre for Environment, Ted Lefroy, believed the project would give students a global perspective of environmental sustainability.

“Students will gain experience of environmental management in a different geographical location, and learn about the future challenges of sustainability in an increasingly complex international environment that fosters global collaboration,” Ted said.

The project also seeks to build long-term relationships between the universities.

“Ideally, we are working towards joint bachelor and masters programs, and undertaking joint research supervision and projects that can lead to improved academic knowledge in this area,” Ted said.

The project will commence in late 2010 and finish in October 2013.

Students interested in applying for a scholarship to study environmental sustainability under the Project, should contact Wayne Goninon at or phone 6226 7810. The scholarship will go towards the cost of airfares and living expenses for four months. Students on exchange will not pay fees at the exchange university.

Published on: 11 Nov 2010 4:05pm