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New research on mixing drinks

pouring wine into glass

UTAS researchers are seeking volunteers to complete a survey regarding energy drink and alcohol use.  

Recent estimates indicate that people are increasingly drinking energy drinks with alcohol. However, research indicates the people who have drunk energy drinks with alcohol perceive themselves as less drunk, and consequently are more likely to display risky behaviour, compared to people who have drunk alcohol only.

Despite the concern such findings raise, the majority of previous research has only considered use of energy drinks and alcohol by university students.

Therefore, the current study by Amy Peacock (PhD candidate), Associate Professor Frances Martin, and Dr Raimondo Bruno from the School of Psychology , UTAS, will look at how frequently members of the general public mix energy drinks. 

The study will also find out about people’s motivations for drinking energy drinks with alcohol, as well as the consequences of such use.

To be involved in the study volunteers aged 18 years or older can complete an anonymous and confidential 30 minute online survey. Volunteers do not have to have drunk energy drinks or alcohol before to be involved in the study.

To thank them for participation, volunteers can enter a prize draw to win an Apple iPad 2.

Volunteers should google “energy drink survey Tasmania” to complete the survey online.

Published on: 21 Jun 2011 11:24am