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New youth issues resource for students and academics


Higher education students and academics will now have quick and easy access to resources and information on youth-related issues with the introduction of Australia’s first comprehensive youth sector resource.

The Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies (ACYS) this week launched a new website, ACYS , with an integrated information system and state-of-the-art website navigation design.

ACYS has been located at the University of Tasmania for more than 25 years under the auspices of the Faculty of Education in Hobart and has a close working relationship with the University.

ACYS Director and Professor of Criminology at UTAS Rob White says the new website cuts down research time and provides a central hub of relevant information for academics and students

“This is the first time higher education institutions will have access to such a comprehensive resource that focuses on youth issues,” Prof. White said.

“This is an invaluable website because it’s useful not only for people studying youth work, but also for academics in a range of fields, such as sociology, psychology, education, law, nursing, medicine, science, the arts and communications, and the wider youth sector.”

At ACYS there are nearly 50 topics on youth-related issues such as: mental health; care and protection; crime and justice; drugs and alcohol; and participation and social inclusion. 

News, research and reports, sector contacts, publications and relevant programs can be found under each topic. The research has been done, the contacts found and reports, journals and articles collated - it’s all just a click away.

“The role of ACYS is to support Australia’s youth workers, service providers, policymakers, teachers, students and parents by collecting and disseminating information to the youth sector and now ACYS delivers information to users in the clearest, easiest way possible,” Prof. White said
“This will no doubt be a useful and efficient tool for people working in the youth sector, studying youth-related issues or providing advice on youth policy.”

The new website also incorporates daily news, listings of announcements, a Hot Topic focus, Twitter feed and improved access for subscribers and anyone wanting to list events on the ACYS events calendar.

Existing services at ACYS, including information on youth sector and community organisations; government agencies and programs; events; education and training courses in youth work; publications and research; youth issues and disciplines; databases; and book reviews, will all be available on the new website.

Funded by the Australian Government through the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR), ACYS was able to develop the website as a part of a new national youth clearinghouse funding agreement, which was generated after sector consultation.

About ACYS and UTAS:

ACYS director and Professor of Criminology at the University of Tasmania Rob White is an internationally respected scholar. He has extensive practical experience in working with youth and community workers, police services, teachers, drugs and alcohol workers, government policymakers and academic researchers.

AYCS’s Deputy Director, Professor Joan Abbott-Chapman, is Professor of Education at the University of Tasmania and a past-director of the Youth Education Studies Centre. She has an established international reputation in the fields of sociology of education and youth studies.

Mr Peter Thompson is ACYS Executive Committee member and Business Manager for the Faculty of Education, and provides financial, human resource and University policy and procedural advice to the ACYS Executive and staff.

The Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies (ACYS) collects, synthesises and disseminates information on youth research and practice to policymakers, service providers, academics, researchers, students and parents.

For more than 25 years, ACYS has contributed to the wellbeing of young people in Australia by providing cutting-edge research and other key resources to those who work with and for young people. ACYS is based at the University of Tasmania’s Sandy Bay campus.

ACYS utilises a range of media to keep the youth sector informed, including Youth Studies Australia, a quarterly academic journal; Youth Field Xpress, a free comprehensive monthly newsletter; ACYS Books, which include the new Doing youth work in Australia series; and the ACYS website.

Published on: 01 Dec 2010 12:21pm