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Research vital in the fight against cancer

Dr Stuart Ferguson and Darren Carr
Several UTAS and Menzies researchers have been awarded generous scholarships and grants from the Cancer Council of Tasmania at the 2011 Research Grants Presentation.
The annual ceremony awards scholarships and grants to researchers and health professionals.
Cancer Council Tasmania CEO Darren Carr said supporting both researchers and medical professionals was an important role of the organisation.
"Thanks to research, we are now able to diagnose some cancers earlier, treatment is less invasive and the five year survival rate has improved dramatically," he said.
"Research is vital when it comes to the fight against cancer."
UTAS and Menzies Award recipients:
Dr Stuart Ferguson, UTAS School of Pharmacy, is the Cancer Council Tasmania Research Fellow.
He was awarded $184, 930 for investigating support interventions to improve interventions to improve the quit rates of smokers.
"It is a great honour to receive this award," he said.
Dr Ferguson said smoking rates were high in Tasmania and the research project aims to better target treatments to improve quitting rates.
"Most quit attempts fail early, in the first two weeks. Smoking is a major cause of mortality, cancer and other health problems and it is a major public health issue."
Early Career Researcher Small Grants
  • Professor Richard Turner (Menzies and Royal Hobart Hospital) received $12,000 for the Tasmanian Women's Anal Neoplasia study
  • Dr Jac Charlesworth (Menzies) received $14,000 for the study of the epigenomics of familial prostate cancer
Cancer Council Tasmanian NHMRC Reviewed Grants
  • Dr Greg Woods (Menzies) received $70,000 for the evaluation of the ability of Vitamin D and metallothionein to protect against UV radiation induced skin cancer
  • Dr Jo Dickinson (Menzies)  received $10,000 for investigating prostate cancer risk variants in integrin genes and their role in prostate tumour development  and $10,000 for investigating the epigenetic regulation of the integrin ITGA2 in tumour development
David Collins Leukaemia Foundation Research Grants
  • Dr Nicholas Casey (Menzies) received $6,500 for gene therapy in Human Cells mediated by Integrase from a Yeast Retrotransposon
  • Dr Adele Holloway (Menzies) received $49,500 for looking at  Regulation of the Leukaemia Inhibitory Factor Receptor by RUNX1
Rebecca Li (Medicine) won the Chemist Warehouse Emerging Researcher Scholarship valued at $2,500 to enable her to attend an ISCT Conference.
Lauren Howsen won the CCT Honours Scholarship, valued at $10,000, to study the Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumour Disease.
Photo: Dr Stuart Ferguson (left), UTAS School of Pharmacy, with Cancer Council Tasmania CEO Darren Carr (right).

Published on: 11 May 2011 4:41pm