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Rewards for researcher on the brink of finding renewable alternatives to fish oil

Photo - Fish Oil Alternatives

An AMC PhD candidate with the National Centre for Marine Conservation and Resource Sustainability has received two accolades within a month for his research into finding alternative sources of omega-3 in aquaculture.

Ramez Alhazzaa was named the Tasmanian state winner of the AusBiotech/GSK Student Excellence Awards, announced on October 12. He competed against projects from medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological backgrounds. The annual competition aims to encourage more students to pursue research and careers in bio-sciences and to reward early career successes.

Fresh from his success in the AusBiotech/GSK awards, Ramez received the Student Encouragement Award after a presentation at the American Oil Chemist Society – Australasian Section, in Adelaide in mid-November. The award was provided by Shimadzu, a sponsor of the meeting and leading manufacturer of analytical instruments.

Through the use of vegetable oils to feed-farmed fish, Ramez, who started his PhD in 2008, is researching alternative sources to omega-3 in aquaculture.
“Plants and plant-derived ingredients are renewable sources and can be included in our diet and have a great potential in replacing fish oil, which is finite,” he said. “This is directly relevant to human nutrition and health.”

Ramez’s research is sponsored by Food Futures Flagship of CSIRO and performed in the aquaculture centre of AMC’s National Centre for Marine Conservation and Resource Sustainability and the Marine Laboratories of CSIRO in Hobart.

Published on: 16 Nov 2011 5:31pm