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Four students studying Fine Arts, political science and medical research have each been presented with a $5000 Jim Bacon Foundation Scholarship.

Mrs Honey Bacon presented the recipients with the scholarships, which provide support for Honours or postgraduate students studying in areas that Mr Bacon was passionate about.

Dr Llewellyn Negrin, Head of Art and Design Theory at the UTAS School of Art , congratulated the recipients on winning the scholarships.

"It's wonderful to see such a wide range of projects being given a boost with the scholarships.

"The reduction of financial worry for students is wonderful, allowing them to focus their attention on their studies and

"Having taught Jillian myself, I can confirm she is a very worthy recipient and from the words spoken today, it seems that the other winners are also very deserving of the opportunities the scholarship offers."

Camille Plant, of Hobart, is studying a Masters in Clinical Psychology. Her research will focus on the care and psychological treatment of cancer patients to help address the needs of the patients. She hopes to one day work as a clinical psychologist.

Arabella Young, of Hobart, is based at the UTAS Menzies Institute for Medical Research and her Honours project will investigate cancer genetics and gene regulation. Arabella has a Bachelor's of Biotechnology and is keen to undertake PhD study one day with a view to becoming a researcher in the future.

Jillian Farmer, of Hobart, will use her scholarship to further her study in Fine Arts by completing an Honours project. Jillian is a volunteer tutor in art for therapy groups which include people recovering from cancer, strokes, Parkinson's and other conditions.

Nicholas Robert Sageman, of Gawler, is a mature-aged student who hopes to complete First Class Honours in political science, followed by a PhD. He wants to pursue a career in political science with the goal of contributing to social justice issues.Image:

(left to right) Jillian Farmer, Mrs Honey Bacon, Nicholas Robert Sageman, Camille Plant and Arabella Young.

Published on: 26 Mar 2012 11:58am