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Sky is the limit at Harmony Day


Kites and spirits soared during the Harmony Day 2011 community event held at the Hobart Cenotaph.

The UTAS picnic and kite flying event was run by Community Friends and Networks Program, Accommodation Services and Hobart City Council as an opportunity for UTAS students, staff and residents to meet and make friends with people from the Hobart community  and to celebrate the Harmony Day 2011 theme of diversity within our community.

The Harmony Day event was preceded by a Kite Making Workshop at Pepperz Café Bar Restaurant at Accommodation Services, when Izzie from the Tasmanian Kite Flyers Association  taught UTAS students, Accommodation Services' residents and staff to make simple light kites, in readiness for the flying event.

The day of the event provided ideal kite flying weather – warm, sunny with light breezes.  The Tasmanian Kite Flyers Association provided  a canopy with their spectacular display of kites that included a giant lizard, seahorse and penguin, while over 100 orange Harmony Day kites dotted the perfect blue skies.

Many subplots unfolded throughout the event:

  • The runaway 'happy face' kite that broke its moorings and looked to blow away past the city was tracked, retrieved and returned to its owners by a great hearted (and energetic) participant.
  • Children made and flew their first kites at the onsite kite making station (in sometimes gusty conditions where no amount of small hands and fingers could stop the makings flying away)
  • Families arrived with their tried and trusty kites and many a small child stood by watching patiently while their dads happily had a turn first to 'check the kites'

Internationally themed food from Pepperz and kite kits supplied by the Tasmanian Kite Flyers Association were funded by Community Friends and Networks Program, TUU and Accommodation Services.

The event attracted more than 150 participants – from UTAS students, residents and staff, to friends of UTAS and the general community. Among the happy faces joining in the festivities was UTAS Pro Vice Chancellor David Sadler.

Photo by Margaret Morgan of the Hobart Photographic Society.

Published on: 23 Mar 2011 9:25am