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“Source” of great food

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An educational program to create interest in simple and delicious wholefoods cooking has proved a great success.

Not surprising, considering some of the tasty dishes prepared and eaten included Indian dahl, date and quinoa pudding, vegetarian pizzas and apple crumble.

The cooking program is a collaboration between UTAS Accommodation Services and Source Community Wholefoods.

Source is a co-operative food store, community garden, and green waste recycling facility located on the UTAS campus in Sandy Bay. 

Source volunteer Jenny Calder is a passionate devotee of whole foods, a co-founder of Source and the board member responsible for educational events.

Over the four week cooking program, Jenny supplied organically grown produce from Source. The events used  Accommodation Services’ colleges communal kitchens and dining spaces.

There was a nominal cost to students to attend and students could select whether they wished to participate in the cooking activities, watch, or simply take part in the final tasting.

All meals were vegetarian, made from scratch and used organically grown ingredients.

During the evening events, Jenny demonstrated preparation, cooking and presentation,  assisted by volunteer cooks who signed up for the program.

For more information on Source, visit the Source Community Wholefoods website.

Published on: 11 Aug 2011 4:05pm